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My friends, this is on sale for the cheap, is it any good?

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I have not played this one, but the others are very good. Also I love the grid style gameplay. Legend of Grimrock is the last one I played of this type of gameplay.

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It's freaking awesome. Basically Grimrock fleshed out into a full fledged RPG with an open-ish world.

On a side note that ZP link reminded me why I stopped watching his vids.

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I'm enjoying it but I've also played the older games in the series (and enjoyed them, too). I'm really not sure if Johnny-Mass-Effect-Adventure-Punk will see the charm in M&M:X but, honestly, who cares? He has more than enough toys filling his toy box and this game is made for people like me - people who need That Old Time RPG'n back in their lives.

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Wild im with you on this one its a decent fun game like grimlock..

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i played this game for around 20 hrs and quit after that sometime. I got really bored and sick of it basically. I tried to stick with it since it is Might and Magic, but travelling around in this game is clunky and tedious. And some of the missions are really poorly written out on what your supposed to do. I got stuck in a few places and at that point decided I wasn't having any fun any more and called it quits for good.

Its old school for sure, but I'd rather play Clouds of Xeen again then this game since I have good old memories of that game. Also another game comes to mind - Wizardry 8... this game had a much smoother movement system, even though the combat was turned based, the movement when out of combat was smooth/fast/easy considering the challenges they had finishing the game. Actually wizardry 8 is superior so i shouldnt really compare it, and it was a game from 2001 which was dated even for then... but yet turned out well.

If ur familiar with the older Might and Magic games, and are very forgiving for old school / crappy gameplay, then maybe try this game, but I've warned you.

One thing i'll add, i did like the combat sounds when you hit enemies, they had real power and weight to them which i enjoyed.

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According to the steam forums you can easily get 100 hours out of it. Anyways picked it up, if only for the lack of these types of RPGs.