MIght and Magic: Duels of Champions

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Does anyone play this card deck game online and does it have single player campaign to where I can play just against the computer other than the tutorials?

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this game is terrible, it has single player but it quickly becomes unbalanced to the point where you must buy packs via micro transactions. Online is exactly the same as the only people who play it there have invested a lot of money into the game. i would recommend skipping it, but it is fast to install and uninstall so if you must play it then go ahead. just saving you some time :)

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It seems to be fun so far. Won my first match online. But I did look at a new card game called Infinity Wars that's coming out on Steam soon and it looks really neat. Are there any other card games that anyone recommends that's similar to Might and Magic or Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers but with cool animations?