Metal Gear Survive beta

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Well, didn't even play with friends nore gave it too much time for "real" impressions, but I do can tell one thing, this game is a work of a lazy people done in gaming industry.

You got the same type of gameplay with of course the same engine of Phantom Pain, same graphics, they broke the looting system into collect ANYTHING you can, with grind on the loot you build yourself ammo, weapons etc, lazy horde mode with multiple waves that you got to defend some extractor, usual zombies but now you shoot their crystal face instead of usual zombie head, got "special" zombies such as the L4D boomer.

You set up traditional traps etc.

On the good side the melee system is good.

Didn't play with friends but I don't care because they've ruined the looting system into more complex one that nobody asked for, if that's all the game got to offer then I don't want to waste my time, even for free (which it won't).

You can buy right now Fortnite and play the full game with the horde mode for 40/60$ and it'll be much better.

I don't blame Hideo Kojima being fired, but seriously this game looks like someone took Unreal engine and made a small project out of it like an indie title but instead used Phantom Pain engine.

Wouldn't pay more than 30$ on this title on release date and that's if it would interest me.

They only reason they made a beta out of it because people heard of the Metal Gear zombie idea and decided it's going to be crap on the first place - and they were right.

Anyone here experienced a different vibe out of this game?

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@PredatorRules: I played for about an hour, and promptly uninstalled, with no plans to actually buy the game.

Kojima-drama aside, this is a really bad game.

There needed to be so many adjustments made to the formula for something like this to work.

God, just the leftover menu system from Phantom Pain, which was already horrible back then, makes managing your camp as well as handling, consuming and crafting items a complete chore.

It's a bummer, because I was kinda warming up to the idea of a survival game on the MGSV engine, but it seems like this is a no-go.

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thank you !