Mechanical Key Switches?

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What key switches for mechanical keyboards are the quietest? If I take a mechanical keyboard with the quietest switches and perform the o-ring mod, will it be just as quiet as a non-mechanical keyboard?

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Prolly blacks. It won't be as quiet as a non-mechanical keyboard though, but that really depends on which keyboard you're talking about.

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Question: I have Black Widow by Razer and my keys are not illuminated, can I replace them with illuminated switches?

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@PredatorRules: Not really... You would have to mod the PCB itself and add LED lights per key. Not to mention you'd have to mod/change the keys themselves to have the letters be see through. I don't know if the Ultimate and non-Ultimate use the same PCB just with/without LEDs, so there's also that to consider.

On topic:

Personally, I've gone from Blues to Browns to Reds and so far, Reds are the quietest.

Blue was the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, modded with O-rings, was still loud.

Brown was the Nighthawk X8, my motherboard HATED this keyboard and it's been nothing but headaches, gave it to my gf, works flawlessly now. The keys were also modded with O-ring and they were pretty quiet, but still quite audible.

Red is the one I'm currently using, which is the Corsair K70, no O-rings and it's quieter than both Blackwidow/NighthawkX8.

I've heard Blacks exhaust the fingers when used to type long documents/work and such due to the extra force required to actuate them. I've never used/seen any physically so can't really give an opinion if that's true or not.

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Thanks everyone. I record gameplay and whatnot, so I want the keyboard to come in as little as possible, so I have always used a non-mechanical keyboard. It seems like blacks and reds are the quietest; anyone know how much louder than a normal keyboard they are (with and without o-rings)?

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I know my Razer Black Widow is driving everyone's crazy when I Skype.

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Red and Black are quiet.

Brown and Blue are loud

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I will go with reds with O-rings (get 0.2mm rings), this ways even if you bottom out the keys it wont be so loud.

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Blacks are still quite a bit louder than a membrane keyboard, I recently switched from a G15 to a Ducky with Blacks and the difference is very noticeable.

Thankfully I love the sound of the keys so I'm not complaining about it just giving you a heads up. If you are choosing between blacks/reds see if you can try them out before deciding. I found the Red switches to be too light for my personal tastes although most people do prefer them over blacks.

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So, most people are saying that reds/blacks are noticeable compared to rubber dome, but it does not seem like a lot of people have a comparison when you combine the red/blacks with o-rings. Anyone have this experience?