Massive Online Multiplayer Zombie Survival

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Am I the only person who thinks they should make a massive online world, that is completely interactive, with zombies, it should be based around a massive town, with all building accessable, having people actually group up in order to survive. Slots are filled for each person that would be in the society, maybe 5 people being police officers, 3 firefighters, and civillians. Those bitten would be given a day before becoming a zombie. CPU Zombies would begin the game, all having full access to all homes and shops. Guns would be available at shops, and many other items would be used for weapons... haha anyone else think this type of game should be made, a Dead Rising type feeling with multiple players. I know a few people will say that Resident Evil Outbreak would count, but i dont think it should be mission to mission, you should actually have to find a place to stay the night and barricade up in order to live through the night
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Suppose to be one in the works called Exanimus. I believe its still in its Pre-Alpha stage though.
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if cpu started they would have to have to be pretty clever to outwit u...
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there would be unlimited amounts of CPU zombies, and they wouldnt really have to outwit you, there would be so many than eventually they could kill you. Lets say you and 3 other people are held up in a building, and you barricade the only door with bunches of crap, zombies after attacking and attacking and attack would eventually make it into the home with you
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Ever heard of Urban Dead?

Look it up Urban Dead Site

Nuff said.

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already played it, not very real sorry, lol i need grapics i wanna be the person killing stuff not some random generated thing
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I love zombies. I just got a tattoo of a zombie bite.

Hideo Kojima said he had an idea for an online zombie survival game and I hope he finally quits MGS like he has been saying since MGS1 and goes onto a new project. Hopefully this zombie survival one. I think a zombie MMO could be done very well.

I think that no one should be able to play as zombies though (at least not as their own persistent character). Everyone has their own character and when they die they become a zombie. This zombie stays in the world until killed and slowly mutates into bigger and badder forms. You then must create a new character (so maybe not MMO) so it would be like Diablo 2 on hardcore. This way you would go through and have to fend off against the hordes of zombies and monsters that were actually once players and wwould still resemble their previous iterations to a certain extent. Also this way the zombie population would grow expontetially and could possibly even overrun the servers. Making a need for guilds to form that would hunt the zombies and such. I could go on and on about how to make a really cool zombie game online. But im lazy.....

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thats one badass tattoo, thats a really good idea, that Exanimus game sounds sweet but ive been unable to find any pictures or anything for it yet
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i am pretty sure that i found that game you guys r talking about sorry i forgot the name and if you are wondering how i found the picture of the game i copied and pasted it on google images hope it comes out its sounds like a cool game but yeah try dead lock it looks cool liked playing left 4 dead but its not a game you would like to look for and also i liked playing zombie panic source
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i got a tip that aotd is coming out soon i didn't get a date yet and try age of the dead
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lol that would be great :shock:

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No not really, players would be running around in massive packs, and frequently bumping into eachother - let alone staying in densley populated safe zones.. It would ruin the sense of isolation and overwhelming numbers of zombies.
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I think it would be great starting of it would be slow with less zombies then people but that would be good for getting set up to hold them off. also an other class would have to be medic and builder.
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#14 Posted by thomasgrummett (25 posts) - nuff' said
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I have thought this for a long time. I would love to see a zombie-MMO. One thing though, don't give the zombies superpowers like a certain zombie game. That is just stupid.