M.2 booting issue.

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So I bought a really cheap M.2 SSD just to see if it would even work. And I can't boot off the DVD drive when it's installed, it only shows the M.2 drive as being bootable. What is the problem here? Can I only install from a USB stick? I hope regular SSD's aren't like this.

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Your going to have to go into the motherboard bios and look at the device boot order. and or use the boot menu option to select which device to boot from.

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@AlexKidd5000: @AlexKidd5000: Ya you need to change your boot order in BIOS, put if you have Windows on the USB you should be able to install windows on the M.2, also a USB install is alot faster then a DVD install.

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As others have said, you need to change the boot order. I don't know why, maybe it's a last minute addition to mobos, maybe they didn't think as many people would use them, but the M.2 socket seems to not be read unless you tell it to be read.

With that said, when I got mine to work, it works great! I have a 256 GB one that I use for my OS and some core files, and that's it. Boots up in about 5 seconds. A trivial luxury (my SSD would boot up in 15 seconds), but a luxury none-the-less.

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Is the M.2 PCIE or SATA based? PCIE can give some problems I think.

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@horgen: it's sata based.

I found the problem. My boards sata 5 and 6 share bandwidth with the M.2 drive, and I didn't know which ones were 5 and 6, and my DVD drive is connected to 6, which can't be used when an M.2 drive is installed.