Looking to invest in new headset/dac, please help!

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I've been looking at some headsets with mics by sennheiser and steelseries that I can use primarily on my PC but on my Xbox One as well, so if it could plug into the Xbox controllers 3.5mm jack that would be ideal. Still have not been able to determine which one to go with. I'm also needing advice on a DAC to use with the headset, which I have not spent as much time researching so I'm more open to suggestions.

I'm not as concerned with cost, but more with audio and build quality. Ideally I would like to stay under $400 for headset and DAC.

Right now I'm using my MSI Z370 Gaming M5 mobos on board audio - my old sound card was causing some circulation issues with my GPU and was a little outdated.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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Siberia 800 series, comes with Xb1 and PS4 compatibility

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I suggest buying Logitech G933 they are compatible with every devices and it will be one time investment for you

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I bought HyperX Cloud Alpha, and never regretted it. A sure recommendation. A good value for money.

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Though pricey, the Razer Krakens v2 7.1 have been a reliable and comfy headset to use for long periods of gaming.