Looking for a good Single-player PC game

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#1 Posted by timdabrat (269 posts) -

My internet doesn't like to work often, and it decide when it works or not, and as i usually play multiplayer games, but i need a single-player game to play when it (often) doesnt work.

Heres the "rig" (its not much, sue me.)

XP home 

amd athlon 2.4ghz 3400+


256mb Nvidia 7600GS

plenty of HDD space for stuff.

thanks! (oh and BTW, i have half-life 1&2, so no need 2 mention it)



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#2 Posted by ArcticSnake (942 posts) -
Farcry! Completely. not so linear FPS in a lush and sexy island backdrop. Not a short game either.
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#3 Posted by YourOldFriend (4196 posts) -

What genres do you prefer?

Some great games off the top of my head that will run fine are:

Shooters: Far Cry, FEAR, Max Payne 2

RPG/Adventure: Oblivion, Indigo Prophecy, Geneforge Series

Strategy: Rise of Nations, Rome: Total War, Medieval2: Total War, Starcraft, Star Wars: Empire at War

Hope that helps. 

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#4 Posted by GI_Manny (25 posts) -
CnC 3, Supreme Commander, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Infernal (just use the unlimited ammo cheat so you dont have to take everybodys soul for ammo.) F.E.A.R., S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Company of Heros
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#5 Posted by Unstoppable_1 (2005 posts) -
Well if you are having trouble with your internet I suggest you switch. What do you currently have? Go here for reports on broadband. www.dslreports.com. I have fastaccess from bellsouth and I rarely disconnect. I believe they got monthly plans that start at 35 bucks a month.
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#6 Posted by mrxdemix (1427 posts) -
C&C3, Farcry. Solid single player campaigns. Honestly, you are better off with getting your multiplayer working. It has a lot more longevity.
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#7 Posted by Poshkidney (3803 posts) -
Max Payne and jedi knight
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#8 Posted by mismajor99 (5663 posts) -
STALKER has an excellent atmosphere and storyline, and it's the best single player game i've played in a long time.
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#9 Posted by Phelaidar (1526 posts) -
The nex Tomb raider is great singleplayer.
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#10 Posted by zer0sil3nce (237 posts) -
hl 2 or far cry!