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Hello guys, can anyone tell me if the MSI GE60 ONC i3 version is good despite it being only i3 and not i7?
Specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel i3 2.40mhz

LCD: 15.6" (1366x768)


HDD: 500GB

I want to primarily use it for gaming when i'm out of the country. I don't demand realy high profile games, just ones that entertain me while there is time to kill. Games like Torchlight II, Darksiders II, Assassin's Creed (1 and 2), Dota 2, Tribes Ascend, may be a bit of Skyrim now and then, games like those.

This model also comes with an i5 version but thats another $150 to the already $860 price tag on it.

It's either this or should I just get an iPad 3 to get me by?

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50$ more
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Oh yes, great suggestion by Monsieur!