Is there a difference between an ADSL modem and an ADSL2/2+ modem?

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Hey guys i recently upped my internet connection from TPG 1.5mb/s ADSL to TPG 20mb/s ADSL2 without changing my current modem/router.

My modem model is WL-600g


Today the speeds were churned over to my new plan and I realised I was getting 700kb/s average, which I was pretty happy with until it started to drop to around about 300kb/s.

I started looking around the forums on TPGs site and came across someone complaining about the same speeds as me, in which an administrator replied with "I see you are using an adsl1 modem."

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Anyways on the front of the box my modem just says "ADSL modem" and wherever it says ADSL2/2+ it always follows with "Home gateway" (which, through my naivety believe it to mean that only the LAN gets the ADSL2 speeds).

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Cause i believe that 700kb/s is the max for ADSL connections (8000k).

Thanks in advance

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Whoops sorry i posted on the wrong gamespot username haha.
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I'm not sure what you're even asking here but yes the Asus WL-600g is an ADSL 2/2+ router. If you have issues with your speed make sure your router is set to G922.3 or G922.5 (ADSL 2 / 2+ settings), also look for firmware updates from your ISP/router provider. Also be aware just because you're on ADSL 2+ doesn't mean you get 24Mb/s downloads, it's all dependent on how far you are from the exchange. I've had an ADSL 2+ plan since they were first available in Melbourne and the most I've ever actually connected at is around 12Mb/s.
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Here is how most people would decide this. It has a 2 and a 2+ more numbers = MOAR powerful