Is it worth upgrading to 1070

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I have a gtx 970, is the upgrade to the 1070 worth it?

I still only play at 1080p (use TV in living room)

I find the 970 plays everything on high at about 60fps with occasional drops to high 40fps.

Would you upgrade if you were in my position ?

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1070 is a lot better than a 970. However, I would only upgrade to a 1070 now if you can get one for a decent price. Otherwise, I would just wait for the next generation of cards that should come out within the next 6 months.

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@BassMan: was thinking that.

Cheapest I can find one is around £500

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Generally, what you should have done was sell that 970 of yours when the 1070 came out; you wouldn't have had to spend much to make up the difference. But too late for that, so the next best thing is to skip a generation. Wait for the 2070, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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@mordant221: before the GPU prices were inflated by miners, in hindsight it was best thing to do.

However didn't have the funds to pay the difference then.

Now I do I'm still hesitant, so will likely wait for 2000 series.

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It's a worthwhile upgrade from a performance standpoint. I sold my 980 and bought a 1070 back when prices were normal about 1.5 years ago. And that was a substantial upgrade. At today's prices though, I wouldn't bother. Spending $600-800 on a 1070 is a bad idea.

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@bigfootpart2: your right.

I'm not going to bother, GPU prices are through the roof right now, my 970 still runs anything at 1080p.

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@thehig1: I still play most games on ultra with my 970, some poorly optimized games I lower their settings (in example PUBG)

You can also watch performance guides for games, I did tweak Just Cause 3 so that I'll enjoy most of it's beautiful graphics without sacrificing the fps.

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It is indeed worth it, as 2019 is here and still if you haven't upgraded the 970 then you gotta upgrade because a lot of AAA titles will require more GPU horsepower now. But don't skimp out on the variant of the 1070, get a Strix or Zotac overclocked edition. For more options check here and you'll get the idea. Good luck. P.S: The 1070 is still future proof for 1080p so you are good to go.

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