Is BF 5 the new graphics standard?

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The question used be but it can play crysis? but now it seems the question should be but can it play battlefield 5? since ultra settings (including RTX) on BF 5 at 1080p 60fps can only be achived with a 2080Ti.

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I can't say about Battlefield V becoming the visual standard, but I can tell you this : If you play medic and you don't actively revive your teammates, hope we never play together.

If we ever meet, nobody will ever be able to revive you again ;)


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The more accurate reflections that ray tracing provides does not improve the overall visuals that much. Obviously, the reflections look better, but the game already looks and runs great with DXR off. The RT cores are a bottleneck and the optimization is not good. It should improve over time, but we will have to wait until the next gen RTX cards before we can consider taking ray tracing seriously. Until then, enjoy traditional rasterized games as they already look great and run well on good hardware.

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Not only is the game a graphical powerhouse, it also runs really well.

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Until RDR2.

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I've always found BF games, at least for these past few releases, to be fairly well optimized. And look amazing.

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I took a screenshot from Battlefield V. Game looks amazing !

Seeing as how Gamespot wants to compress it, here is a link