[INDIA] Signify VS [MALAYSIA] GeekFam in Dota 2 APAC World Cyber Games Finals

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Today I happen to watch the LIVE games between Signify and GeekFam before lunch. But one thing was for sure in this game, and it was the wonderful game between Signify's Lina and GeekFam's Anti-Mage.

The game is immediately on Signify's favor with a really good Lina player taking control, with a nice show of teamwork as they pick GeekFam one by one. The start didn't look so good with GeekFam as they seem to be on their way to lose when Anti-Mage's farming finally pays off and starts to regain the kill count on GeekFam's side.

Since Signify focused more on their kills and didn't push much, GeekFam starts to gain more grounds by taking more towers on the bottom of the map.

By the second half of the game, GeekFam has an amazing comeback and was looking good with their Anti-Mage to back them up immensely.

But sadly towards the end, the two teams went ahead and start going for the win. With a final showdown on the top map of GeekFam's base, Lina makes yet another move along with the whole Signify team, winning against the clash and soon, winning the game.

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@rei_ka: Watched their live stream yesterday, And was very satisfied with Signify's performance in the tournament though they lost Signify still got 4th place :D

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@titanraven: Me too, Signify is one of my favorites. But Team Unicorn was really good too.

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I wish Apex Legends had tournaments :(

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@PredatorRules: I'm pretty sure they do