I'm having trouble with my Turtle beach x32's on my PC?

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Hello All, I'm having troubles with my PC Audio. First of all, let me give you my specs: -HP pavilion dv6 laptop -2nd Generation Intel Core -73670QM Processor (2.2GHz) -750GB Hard Drive -6GB DDR3 SDRAM -Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) -AMD Radeon 6700HD Graphics card Up until Christmas, I've been using a Logitech speaker system insteadof my stock laptop speakers, which naturally just plug in through the green cable input on the front of my laptop. I got a Turtle Beach x32 headset for Christmas. I wanted to use it on my PC, but discovered I'd need a special cable for that(One black plugin to go in the headset, one green and one pink to go into the speaker/microphone slots in my computer). So I ordered one. It came today, and I plugged it into my computer at the same time as my speakers being plugged in. I noticed that sound was coming out of both my speakers and my headset. So I turned off my speakers. That leaves both my speakers and headset plugged in, but my speakers turned off and my headset turned on. Now, the sound from World of Warcraft is coming through only my headset, not my speakers, which is exactly what I'm trying to do. So, what's the problem you ask? The problem is that I want to play World of Warcraft with my friends on a TeamSpeak channel. Shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean, obviously the sound from TeamSpeak will just play through my headset along with World of Warcraft sound, right? Well, that's only partially correct. So let's go over my situation. -Laptop stock speakers - ON, Not outputting ANY sound -External Logitech speakers - OFF, plugged in, not outputting ANY sounds -Turtle Beach x32 headset - ON, outputting all sounds. Now, I open the TeamSpeak program. All works well, nothing has changed at all. UNTIL I actually join my friend's TeamSpeak channel, not just the program, the actual channel. Once I join my friend's channel and I hear them all talking through my headset, but IMMEDIATELY the sound from World of Warcraft start coming out of my LAPTOP STOCK SPEAKERS. So nautrally I turn on my Logitech speakers to see if the sound from World of Warcraft will start coming out them instead of my Stock speakers. This partially works. Now, the TeamSpeak Sound So let's go over my situation once again. -Laptop stock speakers - ON, ONLY Outputting World of Warcraft sounds. -External Logitech speakers - ON, ONLY Outputting TeamSpeak sounds. -Turtle Beach x32 headset - ON, ONLY outputting TeamSpeak sounds. Now, my Windows sounds have totally dissapeared but I don't care about them anyways. BUT, I don't want TeamSpeak sound coming through both my Logitech speakers and my headset. So I turn off the Logitech speakers. Again, situation. -Laptop stock speakers - ON, ONLY outputting World of Warcraft sounds. -External Logitech speakers - OFF, No sound. -Turtle Beach x32 headset - on, ONLY outputting TeamSpeak sounds. We're so close to having BOTH my World of Warcraft AND my Teamspeak sounds come through my headset. I have no idea where to go from here. SECONDARY: I don't mind using my Turtle Beaches just for the microphone, and using my External Logitech speakers for World of Warcraft sound and TeamSpeak sound. That would be fine, if only I could get sound from World of Warcraft/TeamSpeak to come through my External Logitech speakers! So there are two possible situations I will settle with. FINAL SITUATION ONE (DESIRED): -Laptop stock speakers - ON, No sound being outputted. -External Logitech speakers - OFF, Outputting no sound. -Turtle Beach x32 headset - ON, Outputting BOTH World of Warcraft AND TeamSpeak sounds (Mic included). FINAL SITUATION TWO (ACCEPTED): -Laptop stock speakers - ON, No sound. -External Logitech speakers - ON, World of Warcraft/TeamSpeak sound being outputted. -Turtle Beach x32 headset - ON, No sound being OUTPUTTED BUT still using turtlebeach microphone instead of stock laptop microphone.
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Change default audio device?

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I have the exact same issue. I got the pretty much exact same laptop with the exact same specs as you with some X12s (which is basically the same thing) but sound always plays through the laptop speakers. I've looked everywhere since Christmas 2011 and I still can't find the answer. As it turns out, many people have the exact same problem. I don't want to give up searching for a fix though.