i want to play a racing car game like need for speed... Need advice...

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Could someone advise me what to play? I want to play a game like Need for Speed, with racing cars, but this is the only game i know, since I'm a shooter fanatic. I decided to play something different, something like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, or Underground (the only racing games i've played till now).

My specs: Gforce 5500 FX, pentium 4 with 3.00 GHz and 512 RAM

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Flatout 2
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GTR 2 is a great racing game.
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GTR 2 is a great racing game.Private_Adam

Yet pretty difficult. You will want a wheel to play GTR2. I own it; it's a great game but hard.

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Thanks guys!! I think i'll try these games!
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If you like games like NFS, stay away from GTR2. Unless of course you are willing to go through a HUGE learning curve that is.

I would suggest something like trying Race Driver 2 & 3 first. The driving model is way more advanced then NFS games, but not quite GTR2 levels. If you like the added realism and are up for a challenge, then check out GTR2.