I need upgrade advice.

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So currently I'm looking at purchasing an AMD FX-8320 and a R9 270x 2GB with a new mobo. Considering that I'm using a Nvidia 660Ti and an old AMD 1090T processor, I know I'll see improvements. But could I just buy the new processor and use the old Nvidia card[to save money] or is it just more beneficial to go ahead with the AMD graphic card as well?

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The 660Ti is by no means a bad card to this day. Its only a generation old, and will still run most all games at very acceptable frames and resolutions. That being said, you may have to upgrade in a couple years depending on what you're trying to run and on what display.

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I'm doing more research now. I like the idea the the 270x can handle games better at higher resolutions. At the same time my 660Ti is currently suffering because my current CPU is nothing compared to the FX chipset I want. Which means I could see a drastic improvement with just the new CPU and mobo.

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A 270x would actually be a slightly downgrade (A factory overclocks 270x barely matches a stock 660ti/amd 7950).

Your CPU should be fine. The 1090T with turboboost is 3.6ghz and its faster clock for clock than the FX 6000/8000 series (You should be getting at least FX 6300 performance which isn't awful).

I would just buy a decent CPU cooler and overclock your CPU to 4.0-4.2ghz (you paid extra money for a "black edition" CPU so you might at well attempt some overclocking)

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I'd like to make a correction. Not the 1090T but the 1045T. :P

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not much improvement more like a downgrade on the GPU.

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Just upgrade the CPU, the R9 270X isn't that much better, unless you go straight to 280X or GTX760