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Hi there

I recently wanted to update my computer to 8GB DDR3 RAM, MSI RX 560 4GB OC

both on a new motherboard

well my motherboard burned out after booting up

so i just switched to older and it worked

one thing i need to know is

what i can play with my "setup" which is : Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 OCed to 3.46Ghz, 4GB DDR2, That new RX 560 4GB, and that's probably everything important

i ask because after i switched to the new RX 560 every game i was able to play only on medium with lags now works on Ultra with 50-60 fps (my last card was GT 730 2GB Gigabyte GDDR5)

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Well, as for the RX560, that's way too powerful for a Pentium dual core, you'd need at least a somewhat newer core I3 or an amd FX 6350 to get the most out of it. in fact the GT 730 might be a bit of an overshoot for the Pentium, at least it was for my system which had an E8400 core 2 duo at 3.0 GHz. And the ram also makes the situation for the RX 560 even worse, 4 GB at ddr2 speeds is not ging to cut it. The reason your RX 560 performs poorly is because the CPU and Ram are actually causing it to slow down, they can't get the information to the graphics card fast enough.

If I where you I'd save the RX 560 and wait until you could afford a Ryzen 3 processor, motherboard, and 8 GB of ddr4 ram if you are short on money. Till then, I'd stick with using the GT 730, avoiding wear and tear on the Rx 560.

Now, as for what games your current setup can play, I'll provide a small list:

War thunder (though with your ram type and amount I'd go for lower to maybe medium low settings)

Game dev tycoon

Farming simulator 15 (17 might also work)

Civilization 3, 4, and possibly 5.

Rise and fall, civilizations at war

Any COD game up to ghost (maybe a few more modern titles)

Age of empires III

Victory II

Hearts of Iron 3 (Possibly 4 but I wouldn't try it on a Pentium)

Fallout 3 and fallout 4

Sims 3

Mount and Blade Warband

Spore and Spore, galactic adventures

Sim city 4 dulex edition

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@hellgamer12369: That old E dual core will hold your system down, same goes for RAM, you should upgrade to new MOBO, CPU - Ryzen 2500-2600X or i5 along with with 16Gb of RAM.