I need help with, perhaps, the wierdest PC problem I have encountered(long read).

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My computer, partially, hails from 2010, which is ancient history. I have changed several parts since then, but the base is the same. So, for starters the specs.

The current configuration contains: MOBO GIGABYTE P55M-UD2(original, all bios settings on default). CPU Core i5 750(original non overclocked). RAM 8gb(2x4) DDR3 Corsair vengeance(replaced a 2x2 kingston budget ram kit). GPU GIGABYTE GTX970 X3 Windforce(replaced a twintech 285GTX). PSU Corsair CX600 80 plus bronze(replaced a shop branded 500W PSU). HDD WD WD10EAVS-00D7B1 1TB(original)+TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 1TB(added after the problems begun to protect my data).

Sometime back(probably less than a year) my PC started having a very weird issue. When it presented itself, I was playing world of tanks. The game froze with only the sound of the tank being heard, not quite on a loop, but like working normal, but frozen in a specific throttle level. Initially I thought that WoT had crashed, but I could do nothing. Weirdly enough the PC had not completely crashed. I could press the lock buttons and the keyboard indicators would still work.

After letting it sit for quite a while, I forcefully rebooted the system and I went on with business as usual, fired up WoT again and kept playing, until, BAM, it froze again, same way. I did not need a third time to notice the pattern, so I started searching the net as it might have been something to do with WoT. I found nothing until it happened again. Here is the thing, though: My PC did not froze entirely at once, but progressively. First, firefox started taking too long to load a page I was trying to open. I did the one reasonable thing and hit the "reload" button, but the only thing that happened was the reload button no longer responded and froze, then I tried to press "close" and after the first click the close button stopped working too and needless to say the browser did not close, I tried closing it from the taskbar, it froze too, tried to open the start menu to press shutdown, it froze too. Tried Ctrl Alt delete it froze too. It's crazy I tell you.

After rebooting it yet again, I discovered to my horror that it took less time for this to start happening again. Even worst it happened in safe mode too!

I could not check heat emissions to see if this was caused by overheating(though I know that effects of heat are different). Regardless I decided to replace the heatsink with another one to see if that would change anything, and......it did. The issue stopped, and I thought to myself "huh, it was a heating issue after all".

Well, whadaya know, some time later it had returned! Same thing started to happen. This time however I was savvy enough to check temperatures and load, aaaaaaand nothing. Everything was within normal parameters. So what I did was to put my PC on the bench and check wires and slots, and when I reconnected everything and booted it up, the problem had once again stopped.

And yet again this was not meant to last. The problem reappeared some time later again. This time I tried dusting off my PC, and the problem went again, but as you know, it came back.

Through this whole ordeal the issue had changed a bit, some times after the freezening and an alt ctrl deleting it would throw me a black screen with just the cursor. Some times when I would realise it started again, I would preemptively alt ctrl delete and it would eventually take me to the ctrl alt delete screen where some times I could press the shutdown button and the shutdown procedure would start but would take ages to complete. Other times the shutdown button would freeze too and others well, the dreaded blue screen of death.

I decided that I had enough. So it was time to bring about computer Armageddon, so I formatted my PC. Initially everything looked fine until problems started popping out again. Like, I put my PC to sleep and when I return and reactivate it would just throw an HDD tantrum, followed by a BSOD and the occasional old freezeroo would pop again for a visit. meanwhile there are other times it will work fine with no issue. Go figure.

Today, that I'm writing this, however, it really jumped the shark. Booted up from a session where I had shut it down properly and without issues, I loaded into a windows that lagged for some reason(an issue that popped up before in the storm of all these problems), and yet again the HD threw a tantrum and then a BSOD followed. After that and despite running the repairing option, each time it tried to load to windows it would throw a very fast BSOD and reboot. Only after I turned it off and on again(lolz) I was able to load normally into windows and I write this. So far so good, and no issues. Tales from the crypt.

Anyway, I suspected my nearly 9 years old WD HDD to be on his last legs and so I decided to use some programs to see if and what was wrong. Imagine my amazement(and frustration) when speccy, sentinel and lifeguard all passed it with flying colors!

I will try and do some more diagnostics on other parts of my computer, but what do you think?

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My money would be on a failing power supply.

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Might not be the same thing, but I had a very similar issue before with games freezing like how you described. Starting with once every few days then increasing to the point where even the browser freezes. It got fixed after reseating my RAM and GPU. I still don't understand what was happening, but maybe try that?