I just got Skyrim on Steam yesterday but it won't let me play.

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Hey, everyone. Yesterday I got Skyrim off of Steam since it was $20 off. After it installed or whatever, I hit play, and the set-up menu popped up like normal. I fixed some of the options, hit play, then nothing happened. I've done this at least ten times but still nothing. I've both verified and defragmented the game cache, but still nothing. What else can I do?
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What else can I do?MHSauron
Buy a new PC :lol:
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Oh man that sucks, iv had problems like this before with steam, sometimes the problem resolves itself. Sometimes just restarting my pc a few times works, you could always try uninstalling and reinstalling, i know thats a huge pain in the butt but that usually fixes these things. Are you sure your pc can run it? Hope you get it sorted!
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I'm pretty sure my PC can run it because I can run Fallout 3, Portal 2, Borderlands, etc. and all that good stuff smoothly without anything screwing up. How do I reinstall the game if I may ask? I'm gonna try restarting my computer because sometimes that works.
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try verifying the game cache first. right click on the game in your steam list and click properties. click on the local files tab and then click verify integrity of game cache. something may have become corrupted. also check the usual stuff. are drivers up to date?
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Try installing the skyrim script extender, it has its own launcher.


Follow the directions and see if you can launch skyrim through the extender. Good luck.

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I've had this problem before, damn I wish I could remember what I did