How to play NBA 2k8 on PC?

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I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, if not I apologise.

I'd like to know is there any way I could play NBA 2k8 on the PC? I want to know because its the best basketball game out there and I don't own a console (and I'm not planning to get one) so I only play on the PC.

If anyone can tel me how or at least point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


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It hasn't been released for PC. Eventually I see this possible decades in the future when a PS2 emulator is common place, as of now, PS2 emulators are horrible, and no one is even thinking about emulating the PS3 or Xbox360 realistically right now. So even if you bought a console version with hopes to run it on a emulator, it won't happen. Your out of luck man, sorry, sucks when devs look over the pc.
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sell ur comp for a xbox360 is the only way i can figure out

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An Xbox 360 is around $200 and a PS2 is probably $40.00 used. Cheap....