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Does anyone know how to change a NAT type ot open? mine is Strict right now but i need it open for Xbox live. I have an Efficient Networks router/modem.
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Just google it. There's no reason for anyone to take the time to give you a step-by-step when there are plenty of guides available.
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If i buy a wireless adaptor, will it fix my NAT problem? or do i still need to set it up ?? I'm using an ethernet cable right now..
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If i buy a wireless adaptor, will it fix my NAT problem? or do i still need to set it up ?? I'm using an ethernet cable right now..chicks_boy
no, NAT has something to do with the matter how u r connected (wired or wireless), u still need to open NAT if it's strict
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Is UpNp enabled in the router? If it is and it's not working, port forward the ports needed for xbl. Should work.

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My solution. I enabled the UPnP. But still got the "strict" message. Then I unplugged the router and turned it back on. The "strict" was opened now. I have to do this every time --. Now Before I play (like MW2) I turn off the router, wait ten seconds. Even though the UPnP says enabled. Maybe this helps

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weird router but yeah id tell you a story with xbox live :P i once ad a D-link 604 iv put the port-fowarding / updp (Auto actived) / DMZ hosting then right after that i still could have issue despite in test it shown on Xbox 360 as open nat so i ad issue for few game that required a real unblocked router such as Guitar hero 3 / Shadow run / GTA IV and as soon i changed the router tough thistimeme i was like no cheap router for me.. so i bough a DIR-655 at 120$ :P

But the Story About Router That if you unplug every 10 second : despite it take mostly 15-20 second before net is full retablished with all process after done this i know at last a dozen of Friend who as Issue with router guess what they have ? D-link 604 and some cheap netgear / linksys router and there nat say restricted while sopen open yet they have similary issue as i did suffer

lol i mean it weird. you port forward the Xbox Live port / UPDP enable / Dmz Host yet it can still bite you it did that to me for long time id like to have know the Scientific Reason behind that how ever my only theory is that D-link 604 wasn't fully programmable and blocked some Essential Port temporary or permanantly o even if firewall is not activated i can't tell how much issue i ad with router so that i ad to plug directly for play those game which mean net for only one person not three person :P

but like i say it weird after i bough a new router i didn't even have to play with updp / dmz hosting and no issue for game so far it may fix ur issue
but since not everyone can afford new router and that id not recommend new router unless you'v tryed those 3 Solution

Go to you'r router configuration url it usally something as once then you go Enable UpDp / portfoward Xbox Live port / Put DMZ HOST : and see if you get any Restricted NAT if you do then i donno what ur model of router but it does hate you..