How to build a pc?

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Where could I find a tutorial/ how-to guide on building your own pc? I really want to build my own, it will be a learning experience and save me quite a bit of money. Googling it doesn't bring up anything relevant. Also, is it worth it to get Vista yet, or should I wait for cheaper DX10 cards? Thanks
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Google does work:
Didn't go through it myself, but looks pretty informative, has a bunch of vids too it appears. Don't think its worth switching to Vista yet, if you already own a copy of XP use that, but don't buy it. If you have to buy an OS I'd just get Vista as you'll need it eventually even though it isn't optimal at the present time. Next month should see the release of some new DX10 cards as well. Nvidia is introducing more price friendly 8000 series gpus, and ATI's new DX10 card should be just around the corner too. Really just depends on how much money you desire to spend when it comes to video cards.

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try this one. it has all the basics but, again it is alittle out dated.

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If you happen to get a Lanparty board they have instructions on putting a PC together.