How many games do you have installed and ready to play?

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#1 Posted by Maxpowers_32 (629 posts) -

I basically only play PC games during the weekend every now and then and for a few hours. I've been playing the Witcher 3 since shortly after it came out and sometimes it takes me a little while just to remember how to play and what's going on. I finished all the side quests I could find and am (I think) getting close to finishing the main quest.

I also played the single player missions in Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void and am on the epilogue.

Only playing a few games got me thinking about all the ones I'm missing and I just bought Batman Arkham Knight, Deux Ex Mankind Divided, and Fallout 4.

Seems like all these games take a significant time investment and they really immerse you into the story and have somewhat complex gameplay mechanics. Do you think it's too much to have all these games installed ready to play? Do you usually completely beat and explore 1 game (like the Witcher 3) before moving on to another or do you jump between games?

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Well, before this morning I had about 150 installed, but then I had to reinstall my operating system this morning, so I currently have one now. But...on the bright side I get to experience that crisp new PC feel again.

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between my PC and PS4, maybe 30-40 in total. well, i'd probably have to update most games on my pS4 before playing them, but they are installed at any rate.

my internet is fast enough that I can download even larger games in 15-30 minutes (on Steam at any rate) so I don't keep as much stuff installed as I used to. If I get the urge to play something random, i can install it pretty easily.

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I don't have much installed, I usually have in to 2-4 games (across pc,ps4 and x1), but on the xbox there's plenty installed for the kids.

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#7 Posted by Euro_Bucks (6 posts) -

Alot to mention, currently rocking PUBG, well it's all about battle royale nowadays

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Just one. But, it's enough to keep me entertained.

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I did a rough count, i have about 90 games installed currently. Probably 150 if i count DOS games also.

I'm gonna do a bit of house cleaning and delete a few soon, theres a lot i finished already and likely won't be playing again for a while.

Biggest game i have installed is Final Fantasy XV. I think its over 80gb and i hate the game so much, its not my thing. The storyline isn't interesting me at all and i don't like the characters. Maybe i didn't get far enough into the game, not sure, but after almost 20 hours i don't think i can force myself to play it anymore.

I've played old DOS games that have been less than 10 megabytes in size that have sucked me in for hundreds of hours, yet this 80gb bloated pile of garbage has been nothing but a headache.

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40 on Steam, about 4 on GOG.

I hardly ever bother uninstalling games, but I recently uninstalled PUBG because it kinda sucks and I was sick of it always updating.

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#12 Posted by attirex (1554 posts) -

Installed: 13,412.

I win.

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#13 Posted by Space_Viking (8 posts) -

12 games.

I've made a pretty nice dent on my backlog. Even going as far as playing games such as Binary Domain. I have these 12 games installed and I plan on completing them. Some of them are shorter games (less than 10 hours), and some of them are sandbox titles so it'll be a while for me.

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#14 Posted by Mickeyminime (1437 posts) -

I've got 300+ games installed. Near enough 300 of them are from Steam, 20 or less games from Origin and Uplay, a few from GOG and a couple pyhsical discs. I'm around 4.5TB in to my 6TB HD

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I have 10 games installed

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#18 Posted by Lady_Aijou (24 posts) -

Not sure on an exact count, as not all of them are on Steam, but it's definitely in the realm of "where can I actually find the time to play all of these?!" XD

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I used to have about 200+ games but Ive reduced it down to about 20 , ones that I cant live without. I used to go on buying sprees and would start a game but it didn't hold my interest long enough to finish it . I am extremely selective now, before I make a purchase I will research a game for a month before I much wasted money down the drain . I also take months off of not playing anything so then I forget what I was doing in a particular game, then have to retrain myself

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I have about 5 ready to play on my PC

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I have about 20 games on my PC and a few games on mobile. I basically play PC games. I usually play in about 1-2 single games and 3-4 multiplayer games. It depends on my mood and free time.

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Oh I don't know...

Maybe 20.

I have a cache server set up with close to 200 games ready to go. A typical 50 GB game will copy in 8-10 min.

Anything downloaded from Steam/Origin/Uplay to any computer on the network will be cached indefinitely.

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Few enough so that I can list them.

STALKER: Lost Alpha DC v1.4007 (standalone mod), STALKER: Call of Pripyat, STALKER: Clear Sky, STALKER: Call of Chernobyl (standalone mod), Far Cry 5, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, Fallout 4, MS Flight Simulator X, The Witcher 3, Company of Heroes 2, Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

My laptop has STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl plus the above STALKER games, System Shock 2, Doom 3, SOMA, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, Crysis: Warhead, Crysis 2, Far Cry 2, Dune Legacy (Dune 2). All the games on my laptop don't require a DRM client or disc-based copy protection. It's important the games can run for prolonged periods without Internet.

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have a lot on mylinux based pc running wine, its a marvel that windows games are playing comfortable on it.

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#26 Posted by thehig1 (7211 posts) -

About 30, have around 200 in total on steam.

Reinstalled windows last year so only installed games ive bought since then or chose to play

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#27 Posted by Horgen (119968 posts) -

92 on Steam. With EA Origins and Uplay, maybe 130.

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6 on Steam, about 1 on GOG.

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Probably something like 20. Some are ones I'm actively progressing through (e.g., Mankind Divided, Ghost of a Tale) and others are pick-up-and-play games like RTS and TBS

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I have installed like 23 easy and the rest just stored in the Steam Library

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@xantufrog: necro thread :[