How long does it take to build a Computer?

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How long does it take?
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first time it took me and hour and a half

second time when i put it all back together it took 20 mins

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Is it profitable to build and sell PC's?
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Is it profitable to build and sell PC's?Yahiko182
Look at where it got Dell.
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Oh i see...
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Hehe... It's rather competative and the margins are low but it can be done...
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Depends on a.) your experience and b.)how careful and clean you want the wires to look.

Also...if you put together a pc with older parts it will take less time because youll tend to be less careful with the components.  :P

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Haha yea I was thinking about doing a little local shop where I would build custom PC's for people, but with people like HP and Dell around especially with such name brand recognition I just figured it would be too hard to get much out of it.
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#9 Posted by frost_mourne13 (1615 posts) -
The first time i built a computer, i redid all my steps over and over, so it took me a better part of the afternoon.
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#10 Posted by KSlater85 (19738 posts) -
Takes me about 15 minutes to assemble something if I have all the parts there... another 30 to 45 minutes to install the OS and then 10 mintues for the drivers. and all is good so a little over an hour.
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u gotta do reasearch and all that too, to make sure all parts are compatible, and probably other considerations

u really gotta have a degree of some sort to open a shop, people like to get their pc serviced by someone who knows what their doing, lot of competition out there, so get some education, learn about different brands, get some education in the area, etc, study study study, maybe in a year or 2 youll be ready, look at your local college or something for more info

and its a constant learning experience, every year things change a lot, and u gotta adapt, trust me, i been into computers for 10-15 years, and i still get confused sometimes
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if you know what your doing, no time at all.

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#13 Posted by REX3453 (313 posts) -
my first computer took about 2 hours, right now i'm building my second one. (actually done building, just waiting for all the things to update and crap)
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#14 Posted by Jiggly_Wiggly (1912 posts) -
For me starting form scratch opening boxes, and crap it takes me 2-3 hrs.
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About an hour.
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the profit margins are very low on small company custom built computers..... the only way you could do it would be to have a shop and people come in and place orders..... but then you have to worry about warrentys etc etc

it takes me from the box's being there to having it fully operational with the basics on it ( office etc) 2-3hrs.

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#17 Posted by damzor (2176 posts) -
yeah, it takes me about 2 hours to assemble a new rig from scratch, that includes installing Windows and drivers. this is my 3rd rig in 4 years.