How do you uninstall Tribes Ascend?

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So, I uninstalled Tribes Ascend and, like pretty much any game, it left behind a folder full of stuff. Tried deleting the folder, and several files say they can't delete because they're open in the Hi Rez studios authenticate or whatever program. But there's no process in the task manager for that. I ran CCleaner, to clean my registry, so now there's not even any registry entries that have anything to do with Hi Rez studios or Tribes, and I still can't delete those files. I did restart the computer after cleaning the registry. Still can't delete them. What kind of sh!t is this? Some background program that you can't uninstall? Am I stuck with this forever? It's really starting to piss me off. I hate programs that pull this crap. It seems really shady to me. So how can I get rid of this stuff?

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Try using pocket killbox to delete it if that doesn't work try burning a copy of Ubuntu to dvd boot from that and deleting the files inside of Ubuntu.

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Well I just tried to get Killbox, and it gave me this message when I tried to run the file that it downloaded.


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Start > "msconfig" (no quotes) > Starup Tab > See if the Hi-Res junk is on that list.

If it is, disable it. Then try.

Also I believe task in the manager is simply called HiPatchService and not Hi-Res.

I got all this from clicking the very first link in google, so if you have tried all this, I apologize.