How do I stop these ad pop-ups?

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I run Chrome as I have all my bookmarks with them so it's mostly for convenience's sake. However, as of late ads keep popping up in the lower right portion of my screen, for which I need to click on them to make disappear. Then even go so far as to happen when I'm playing games or watching movies which means I have to stop and exit them to make them go away, and so are incredibly intrusive.

Here's an example of what they look like:

I have Malwarebytes and Bitdefender installed and am running daily scans. I also have Ad Block. I've looked this up on the web and have also gone into Chrome settings to block pop-ups, but despite all of these measures in place, they still happen on a regular basis. It's not malware, or if it is, then it's defeating both Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Ad Block, as well as a clean OS install.

I'm nearly to the point of installing Firefox Quantum out of frustration, but other than this issue enjoy Chrome so don't want to have to transfer all my bookmarks, etc, unless absolutely necessary.

Any idea what's causing this, and how to stop it?

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I am also having pop up ad problems on Chrome, its annoying

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@br0kenrabbit said:

That did it, thanks. Really appreciate it!