How do I move a game to another pc?

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I recently built a computer and I have everything up and running. I'm trying to install Arma 2 CO and I lost the booklet with the key. Do I have to completely re-buy the game, this time on steam? I tried to install Skyrim (I have the cd key for it) but when I did, it said I had to be connected to steam. When I finally connected my computer to the internet, it downloaded Skyrim, no problems. I don't know what I did, or how it happened, but I didn't need the cd or key to re-download it, even though it's the physical copy. Could I somehow link A2CO to my steam account on my old computer and download it on this one?
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If you did not reinstall the older computer you should be to find the reg file for it.

You can find more information how to do it here:

You will need to copy the old reg file as i dont think you can decode it directly.


But anyway good luck.

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Games registered on Steam only need the Steam client and the account you registered them on.

Buy Skyrim (since you used it as an example)
Register on Steam
Install from disc

Move on another PC
Install Steam
Log in on your account
Download Skyrim/install from disc

If you have ARMA 2 on Steam, the same, if you have it retail, reinstall it, don't remember, but I think you had to be online for it to be installed due to DRM, can't say for sure, but you do need your serial number and if what KalDurenik suggested doesn't work, you're out of luck, you need to buy it again.