How Can I Transfer My Programs, Files, And Virus Protection To New PC?

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Im getting a new PC and I want to transfer over some stuff if its possible. The main things are my music, pictures. I also want to transfer over Photoshop and Imageready but I dont have the CD's for them since when I bought the current comp they were already installed and the last thing is my Virus Protection. I have Panda 2008 and it says it should work on up to 2 computers but the CD I have for it is 2007, the way I got 2008 on this comp was by going to the site and they let me upgrade for free. Would that work again?

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Anyone able to help me out with this? Will I need to rebuy photoshop and redownload the music etc..?
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You could transfer over files through a LAN by connecting both PC's through an ethernet cord. As for actual programs I'm not sure. Another option would be to put the harddrives together and keep the old one as a slave drive, that way you can open up all your old files through your new computer; but that way you would only have one working computer.