heroes might magic vs king bounty?

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im looking for a turn based statagy and both looked very similar wondering if i can get some opinons
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King's Bounty is a much better series IMO. But you get go wrong either way.

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HOMM and Kings Bounty have a good amount in common and a very good amount that makes them different. While HOMM will generally be about controlling and managing multiple heroes, armies and castles, Kings Bounty is alot more focused on leveling up a single character(though you could do that with your heroes in any HOMM game) in a more single player oriented game whilst also controlling an army. Basically, think of HOMM as more Turn based strategy while Kings Bounty is far more of a turn based RPG.

I would highly recommend both but mind you HOMM is a bit ambiguous. If picking any one HOMM game i'd strongly recommend HOMM3.

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It's two different types of games using the same combat system. Heroes is a turn-based strategy game and King's Bounty is a RPG.

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Kings bounty was meh for me, Homm on the other hand has a permanent spot on my computers.