HELP!: "Server Disconnected" CoD4 Problem

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#1 Posted by -Bloodlust- (25 posts) -
ever since i got cod4 working (had to buy new Gfx card) i have been getting this problem. Heres what happens:

I click join game
Map loads (90seconds)
Says: Waiting for Players (a few seconds)
then screen goes black and displays the message
Server Disconnected

If u need a screenshot of a part that happens or any extra info tell me
(if u need screenshot pls tell me how to put one in a post)

appreciate any help at all
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#2 Posted by cloggsmcluff (25 posts) -

goto C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\yourprofilename\config_mp

in that file paste seta cl_connectionAttempts "30"

however, if you try to save it, it will tell you access denied. so what you have to do, is cut the config out of the folder. edit it.

save it again (making sure it still stays a .CFG file) and then paste it back in.

Also remember before you edit any kind of file you make a back up.

this worked for me, and thats how i fixed it.

good luck.


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#3 Posted by mhmoud2008 (25 posts) -

hi plz plz mail me

i want solve this problem "server disconnected "

i wait u

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#4 Posted by C0D4_iNSANiTY (25 posts) -
is there any way u could take it one step at a time? like where is that folder? many more questions. please just make step by step instructions for me, if it doesnt bother you. i have the same problem and it REALLY bugs me. thank you! -C0D4_iNSANiTY
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#5 Posted by zSamski (25 posts) -
I followed the steps up to opening the file, i don't know where to put the command in the file.. please help!
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#6 Posted by FelipeInside (28482 posts) -
Does CoD4 use Punkbuster? If so try updating it?