Help needed in Connecting my Xbox360 to tv and pc lcdmonitor!

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Hey guys! this is my first post so bear with any mistakes I make. I was looking forward to hook my x360 to both my CRT tv:( and my hp lcd monitor, but not play on both(obviously), at the same time. My tv has av input(red,whit,yello) so i can connect my x360 to it using the component cable but the real matter here is how to connect x360 to my hp lcd monitor which only has a vga input. Should i use a tv tuner card but then i can only connect x360 to lcd and not to tv. Please help me here 'cause I have done all the research and cant find a possible solution.
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There are VGA cables for the 360
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As far as I know, you can only output video from the Xbox 360 through 1 connection at a time.

Most 360 systems have HDMI and the 'general' A/V port. HDMI would be the most ideal, but since you're limited you have to switch between the Composite/S-video/Component cable for your TV and a VGA cable for your monitor.

Edit: The VGA cable looks something like this:

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There are VGA cables for the 360MonsieurX
This, buy the official cable