hdmi port on acer extensa laptop?

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im a noob when it comes to computing but anyway i have a acer extensa 5230 laptop and it has a HDMI port on it but it seems to be covered so could someone tell if i need to buy something to get the cover unblocked something?or does someone have the same laptop as me and got hdmi on it???????
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How is it covered? If it is covered with a solid piece of plastic that doesn't look like it is removeable chances are that there's no HDMI port behind it. OTOH if it's just covered with some sort of sticker it's possible that they might have just missed it on the way out of the factory. Did it specifically say that the Laptop included a HDMI port when you bought it?
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it will have a DVI output, which its HDMI really. all you need is a DVI to HDMI cable
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im not sure if it said i had a hdmi on the laptop but beside the port it says HDMI
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 heres an image of it
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It looks like you scratched that to hell. A lot of laptops have optional dedicated gpu's, and if you get that option the hdmi port will be there, otherwise there is just a stub in the chassis. If you scratched the plastic that much and it didn't come off I doubt you have an hdmi port.