HD 7850 2GB OC vs Battlefield 4

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I know the system requirements for Battlefield 4 probably havent been released, but I was wondering what the educated predictions would be about how a 7850 would run the multi player?  I play on my tv @ 1920X1080, 60Hz.

I have really turned away from consoles with some of the annoying features of the Xbox One and I've never been the biggest fan of Sony ever since my very first "Major" purchase and the ridiculous trouble I had when it broke.... it was a Walkman... I hold grudges for a long time.

So, I've decided I will just take it on the chin in regards to missing some of my favourite games (Halo 5 + 6) and go all PC for the forseeable future.

I do plan on getting a 7970 later this year if they come down in price with the new release cards, would this help in terms of frame rate?  The MP maps look so freakin huge, I'm worried it'll be a laggy mess with my 7850 especially with up to 64 players.

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number of players effects your cpu more then your gpu. 7850 would be more then adequate to get playable framerates. What settings no one knows yet of course. A 7970 would just be gravy.
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You should run it great. The battlefield engine is really well optimized and the 7850 OC is no slouch. Multiplayer is more demanding than single player but even given that, I don't see any reason why you would have to settle for anything less than base settings on high (especially if you turn AA/AF off).

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If its like bf3 than is cpu heavy, but you have that covered.

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get the 7970 ghz edition if you plan on picking it up this year
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get the 7970 ghz edition if you plan on picking it up this year NEWMAHAY

I was looking at the Sapphire Vapor-X model. They're about $650 here in New Zealand, which probably sounds outrageous to you but that includes tax and once you convert currency, it's only mildly outrageous.  I'm hoping they drop down to about $500.

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Im hoping the game will be do-able on my system (specs in sig), but I have my doubts, particially in the CPU department
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I have the same card. Hoping BF4 runs as good as the 3rd