Having configuration problems with Logitech F310 gamepad controller

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Ok guys, now I want to get back into PC gaming so I went out and bought a logitech F310 gamepad controller today. Well needless to say after 5 hours of trying to configure the F310 to the following games like Halo: CE, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Call of Duty 1, and Battlefield Bad company 2, I only got Halo CE configured correctly and Star Wars Battlefront 2 which was 2/3rd's of the way configured correctly. Now my question is since there are so many controls on keyboards and you are limited to controls on the gamepad, how do you configure a huge game like Battlefield Bad company 2? Does anyone possibly have instructions?
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I use xpadder and my bc2 setup for my 360 controller is as follows. AWSD mapped to left analog and mouse movement mapped to right The left Trigger is aiming down the sights and Right Trigger is to fire Left Shoulder Buttons used to crouch an d right shoulder buttons is use a gernade Sprint is mapped to analog when you click it. The D-Pad mapped to 1-4 to change weapons Face buttons are mapped to jump,reload,use, and melee Tab and esc are mapped to the menu buttons on the gamepad.
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You want to get into PC gaming, so you went out and bought a gamepad for FPSs? Mmhhmmmm....
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I am not on my main computer but I remember having to do something in settings for certain games to work. I'll try team viewing my comp and get back to you :3

Profile Settings, Apply Persistent Profile select the game, setup the controls for that profile.

If dealing with x/y axis on joystick configuration please google an instructions guide for it :P (( You can move mouse with joysticks ))