Have you lost the fire for pc gaming

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Posted by urbangamez (3497 posts) 2 years, 10 days ago

Poll: Have you lost the fire for pc gaming (71 votes)

Yes 11%
No 63%
Somewhat 21%
Other 4%

No. its been 9 years straight and I still enjoy pc gaming and a good game on any system really as long as graphics are good and story is great.

Maybe on the 10th anniversary I might hit a rough patch

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#1 Posted by BassMan (10547 posts) -

What? PC gaming is the greatest. I have been gaming all my life. I don't expect this to ever change.

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#2 Posted by FelipeInside (28548 posts) -

You're missing out on an important part of gaming though @urbangamez if you play all games on the easiest difficulty. The gameplay survival part adds to the immersion.

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#3 Posted by Toxic-Seahorse (5074 posts) -

My fire for gaming in general has died down but I will always enjoy it.

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#4 Posted by gerygo (12450 posts) -

Somewhat, age and because companies do not renew their ideas.

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#5 Posted by Alucrd2009 (749 posts) -

sadly , yes . but for hardware no !

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#6 Posted by napo_sp (649 posts) -

If the trends from around 2010 continued then I would probably quit today, but no, free game engines, crowdfunding and steam changed that, today, pc gaming is better than ever, surpassing the late 80s - early 90s, IMHO.

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#7 Posted by ShepardCommandr (4939 posts) -

if you we are talking about traditional pc gaming yeah

these days i play everything with a controller(even fps) from the couch.I don't have the patience for m&k

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#8 Posted by mrbojangles25 (44115 posts) -

Been PC gaming for over two decades now, and what started as a bit of kindling, grew into a nice campfire for most of my childhood and teen years, is now a forest fire that probably takes up too much time :D

So no, I have not lost my fire for PC gaming, it has only grown.

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#10 Posted by madrocketeer (6629 posts) -

I'm more casual as a gamer these days, which perhaps paradoxically makes me even more of a PC gamer. Back when I was more passionate about gaming, I would look certain console exclusives and think; "man, I wouldn't mind getting a console just to play that." These days, I'm thinking; "that's pretty cool, but the PC has all I need already, and that's enough for me."

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#11 Posted by Echocookie (8 posts) -

I am still very invested in to each game I play. I voted Other because it is my hardware that has become boring. I have been playing on the same computer ever since I built my first one. I own a 4K TV that is hung in my bedroom but I a) don't have a desk that can fit into my room and b) don't have a graphics card that could even play games at 4K. I plan on upgrading in the next year so then my fire will stay lit. It hasn't burnt out but I remember a time when I could max every game and that felt great. Now it feels a bit like defeat when I can't max a game.

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#12 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40231 posts) -

It's been... hmm... when did the Commodore Amiga come out? Well, that's how long its been and I'm still balls deep in.

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#13 Edited by RockField (473 posts) -

I almost lost my fire for PC gaming. In fact, there was a time wherein I feel burnt out, and I also planned to quit PC gaming a few times but here I am, I still love playing games on my laptop/sometimes on PC.

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#14 Posted by SXSS (23 posts) -

PC is what you make it, if you get bored of the game you can always create skins, mods, program your own game, help people program, create servers, help with servers! It is an endless process of fun if you havent done any of this I recommend you do not only will this grant you experience in the gaming world but will possibly land you a job if you were interested in the field of gaming.

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#15 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31419 posts) -

I can't find these experiences anywhere but on PC:

  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Day of Infamy
  • Rising Storm 2
  • Battlefield 1

Ok, the last game is on console too, but I doubt it's the same experience playing with a controller.

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#16 Posted by couly (6258 posts) -

I find myself getting bored with games in general very easily, maybe it's because i'm getting older. I used to finish games but now I have 5 or 6 unfinished games that I couldn't be arsed picking back up such as The Witcher 3, Prey, Fallout 4, ME4, etc etc. Maybe I need a break from it.

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#17 Edited by RPGFanatic619 (13 posts) -

As of now there are still alot of games that make me play on PC like Hollow Knight, Trails of Cold Steel, and The Long Dark also emulators.

I am also playing games that I ignored in the past like Icewind Dale and Arma.

I am a younger gamer after all, it will take me a while before I get tired of gaming.

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@rpgfanatic619 said:

As of now there are still alot of games that make me play on PC like Hollow Knight, Trails of Cold Steel, and The Long Dark also emulators.

I am also playing games that I ignored in the past like Icewind Dale and Arma.

I am a younger gamer after all, it will take me a while before I get tired of gaming.

nice avatar!

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#19 Edited by comp_atkins (35798 posts) -

i've lost the time for it ( or gaming in general sadly )

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When I transitioned from consoles to PC about 6 years ago, it opened my eyes to a lot of magic that I had been blind to. Indie games were still burgeoning at the time, but most of all, were nearly non-existent on consoles. When I got a proper gaming PC and loaded up Steam for the first time, I discovered a whole world of games that I didn't know existed. To this day, I have yet to play even half of the games I own on Steam, but I have encountered literally hundreds of stellar PC-only games that I never would have experienced had I never given PC gaming a shot. Instead of drudging through the AAA wasteland of recent years, I've always had a game worth playing if I needed it. In short, the PC fire won't die as long as you still play games.

*Conclude inspirational speech*

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#21 Posted by RPGFanatic619 (13 posts) -

@howmakewood: Never saw that coming. Well, time to replace it with Imoen.

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#23 Posted by Gallowhand (592 posts) -

I haven't lost my fire for PC gaming, but I'm sick of all the DRM, tied to this or that online service, grinding for the sake of it, achievements up the wazoo, and microtransactions creeping into single player all over the place. *sigh*

Can't we go back to the way things used to be? Anyway, I play on consoles too, wherever the good games are.

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#24 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10399 posts) -

Not at all. It's pretty much the opposite. Tha ks to VR I'm much more playing around with my Pc, seeing what games I can mod to run them on my Vive etc.

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#25 Posted by deactivated-5a9b3f32ef4e9 (7779 posts) -

I've lost the motivation to play games now. I used to play 8 hours a day but recently I struggle to play 8 hours a week.

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#26 Posted by RadicalBradical (29 posts) -

Still love playing PC games after 15 years! There are still so many games that I need to play and finish, haha.

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#27 Edited by schu (10054 posts) -

When I game, I prefer PC. I am focusing on other aspects of my life more now days though. 1080 GTX is always ready when I want to play a bit.

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I have tons of PC games to get through and I've got two very capable gaming PCs. My "fire" for gaming hasn't died down, but my available time to game has.

With the kids getting older, dogs getting older (poor husky puppy is 13, he hasn't long left in my life), the wife constant complains that I spend too much time gaming and now I've finally gotten my lazy ass up and devote 4-5 hours a week working out....my time to game is on the very back burner. I've shifted my time to higher priorities in life and what once took up a good 20 hours of my life a week (gaming) now maybe takes up 4-5 hours.

The wife likes to read. I like to game. The kids are getting the itch of wanting to use my computers for gaming, but I don't really let them since they still lack the common courtesy of being uncaring of other people's things (sticky fingers, leaving crap all over the desk, not picking up properly, damaging toys they play with and so on), they rarely get to use my computers.

If I'm not playing some co-op game with my brother every Friday or Saturday night, then the other couple of hours I put into gaming I'm currently working on Pillars of Eternity. Eventually I get through it. Solid game. Then I'll move on to one of the other 150+ games I own that I haven't beat or played or hell, even opened (yes, I have physical copies of games from years back that I haven't gotten around to playing yet). Some day...one day I just may get around to a lot of these games. I try not to buy anymore, but it's hard not to. Oh well, back work and then maybe I'll get in an hour of gaming tonight! Yeah!

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#29 Posted by Dark_sageX (3426 posts) -

How can I lose the fire? PC is literally the BEST platform.

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#31 Posted by slimchopra (28 posts) -

Yes. After playing on PC for most of my life, I lost interest and found myself enjoying playing the Xbox One. For some reason I enjoy playing BF1 on that more than on my PC. I think it has something to do with sitting on a coach being more comfortable than sitting at a desk, and because playing online is much slower on console so I'm able to enjoy it more because I'm apparently not that good at most FPS.

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#32 Posted by demi0227_basic (1940 posts) -

I still enjoy games as a hobby, but most weeks, if I could get 10 hrs in, that's impressive. I've got all this fancy tech, but when you become an old man like me (business owner, kids, etc) it's just hard to really get into anything, especially if it's a time demanding game. I still love the hobby, but I look forward to when I have more time to invest in it.