Has anyone tried World of Tanks?

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I've been playing online games since QuakeWorld TeamFortress in the 90's and I love RTS and MOBA's but WoT seems to have a nice blend of FPS and strategy. It's really popular in Russia where the dev's are from but the North American support seems low, I'm not really sure why because I think it's a great game. There's usually only around 30,000 people playing at a time on the NA servers and around 2k people watching on Twitch.tv

If you haven't seen World of Tanks I have videos from my livestream on YouTube. (when I try to link it says 'tis but a barren wasteland)


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I prefer war thunder.

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I have not checked it out yet, but I feel like its something that wouldn't appeal to me.

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Donkeys until tier 5, mediocre players until tier 7, good players afterwards however, in order to be able to play on higher tiers you need premium since repairs cost a ridiculous amount ... And yet, I always find myself playing it every couple of months for a week or so and then stop again ... that game is one strange strange thing ... Especially here in Europe.

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War Thunder is way better

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@PredatorRules: Isn't war thunder air planes though? I watched some BETA action of the tanks and while the graphics were great calling in air strikes seemed unappealing to me.

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I was a persistent WoT player, but eventually got tired of it. I think because the game decides for you who you can see. That's what I absolutely hate about this game. Also, yes better players towards top tiers, I reached tier 9, that being IS8 I think. So, having played tier 9 quite successfully, I and a lot of other people think the lower tiers are much more fun, and they're faster paced. That's because in the top tiers repairing and ammo are very expensive, so people are real careful.

Now I occasionally play WT. Controlling your tank feels a lot more like it's supposed to feel, driving a tank, but in WoT it's much more arcade. Also WT doesen't hide the tanks from you..

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@PredatorRules said:

War Thunder is way better

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Don't play WoT if you have any respect for yourself. I got myself into it from the beta in 2010 and I've stuck around completely because of the people involved, but I would never suggest anyone getting into that game from scratch at this point. The developers are incompetent, they do not listen to the community at all, and they've actively been destroying their game by introducing massive power creep that just doesn't seem to stop.

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Your link is dead bro.