GTA: San Andreas - Save Game - (mac)

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I have purchased GTA San Andreas from Mac App Store, played a bit with it but I know the story because I passed the game three times already on my Xbox. I would like to download 100% complete save game so I can play through out the San Andreas area, but I can't seem to find the save game location on my mac. Now, a simple google search leads me to this: "If You Have a save file, go to Applications folder, Right click( control+click) the GTA San Andreas icon and choose "Show Package Contents from the drop down box. Then navigate to Contents / Resources / Transgaming / c_drive / Rockstar Games / GTA San Andreas / data. There is where your save games should be. This is only for mac." But there are no save game files in that location, so when I download a 100% save game and put it in this location, nothing happens. Are there some special save games for mac? Does anyone have a 100% complete save game for mac to share?