Grand Theft Auto San Andreas pc gamepad problem

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Hi, I recently started playing GTA SA on my pc and everytihng works great, but when I tried to play it using my Xbox 360 controller (the corded, usb version that also works on pc), the right analogue stick does not respond.

I've tried configuring the buttons and rebinding everything, but when I try to configure the right analogue stick it doesn't respond at all.

I have tried the gamepad with other pc games and they all work correctly with it.

I have installed the newest patch and no luck still. I've tried searching around google for a solution and still no luck.

If anyone has encountered this problem or know of any solutions, please help me out.


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#2 Posted by Gen-Gawl (3925 posts) -
my 360 controller came with a driver disk. maybe that's the problem? i'm just guessing.
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My guess is that neither of the triggers are working either. The 360 gamepad is not fully supported in GTA:SA.
However, an application is available that can get it to work. Try this:

You'll need to register at that forum in order to download the files discussed in that thread.
The files that you download in that thread should be used with the application available from the main page of that website. The instructions in the thread should explain the rest.

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#4 Posted by Nosecandy68 (420 posts) - no need to register and it works for me on san andres you guys play san andreas multiplayer?

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#5 Posted by jjarvis321 (398 posts) - no need to register and it works for me on san andres you guys play san andreas multiplayer?

chek ur messages nosecandy and please help me on this
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I disconnected the keyboard and the controller had no problems.

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