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Good morning all,


I have a Nvidia Geoforce 9 series and having a problem with it.  Everytime I go to upgrade the drivers anything past October of 2012 there is an issue.  The install goes fine and the reboot goes fine.  I am brought back to the desktop like everything is normal.  Once I try to load any game or change the desktop resolution I get a black screen and my PC freezes.


I have to hold the power button down to get the PC to even shut off...  I tried everything from running in safemode, reinstalling the whole card, and heck I even tried a whole system reformat.  I am at a loss of what to do here...  I plan on replacing the card, but wasn't hoping I would have to do it this soon.


Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Just use the old drivers. I doubt newer drivers will help too much in games on an old card.

I wanted  to say that maybe you're downloading the wrong ones cause I thought the latest  drivers are only for DX 11 cards but  I checked and the latest support also the 9 series so I have no idea what could cause this.

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Thanks for the post at least I am having issues with FFXIV having a flickering mouse and figured that updating might help this...
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Remove the old drivers in safe mode.