Good mini gaming PC?

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Can someone please point me in the right direction of a good mini gaming PC please? Max i want to spend is around £900 or maybe 1k, Im switching from PS4 gaming so would like something as powerful or more powerful as that?

I know nothing about PC's so could do with advise please?

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Mini gaming, as in you want the tower to be pretty small, buy any tower thats a "Micro ATX" with a "Micro ATX motherboard. Build from there.

Its best to build your own, once you have all the parts its like lego, just watch a few "You Tube" videos on how to do it.

Something like this is small and can handle any game you throw at it.

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Here is a mini itx build I just threw together. You can swap out the i5 for a i7 if you wish, but this rig is completely capable.


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Here is a quick list of parts for an ITX build("mini") LINK , this build is stronger then the PS4 and its under £750, now if you need monitor mouse etc this will allow you some flexibility. Now if your not willing to build it or cant find someone you know that could for you. Here is a nice prebuilt desktop, while it may be not be "mini" its price is good and dont forget to add an OS to the order which will bring it just under £700 LINK

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@04dcarraher: I've bought a pre-build like that before and the psu that comes with it is normally terrible.

Mine blew up on me while playing fifa 14.

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Thanks for the advise