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I need some games to play for the next few days on my laptop. My laptop has a 2ghz dual core x2 processor, 3 gigs ddr2 667 ram, with an ati x1270 (integrated graphics card). I can play far cry at the absolute lowest settings and get around 35-100 fps. I really would like some good multiplayer games taht i can acutally play. COD2 and COD4 runs like crap so they are out of the question. thanks!

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try starcraft and diablo 2. great games, and can run on the slowest computers out there.
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Topic is two years old, but I don't feel like starting a new one with same issue.
I have bought recently a Compaq CQ56. Windows 7 works fine. Half Life 2 and family too. Modern Warfare is unplayable due too absurd slowdowns.
Borderlands on the other hand is forcing hell out of cooling system but works smooth. As long as I stay with 640x480, but hey! it's still great being able to play BL anywhere I go XD

Now my question, are there any new games, with simple graphics, which my notebook can handle? I was looking for, maybe RPG.
I used to play League of Legends, and Torchlight demo. Those does not count.

Damn, I miss 90 's ;]

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Simcity 4 Deluxe, Unreal Tournament 2004, Age of Mythology, Company of Heroes (maybe), Arx Fatalis, Rise of Nations, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Dawn of War (the first ones) and... that's all I can remember :P. Those games ran well on my Core Duo 2 laptop at 1.5 GHz with 1GB of RAM and Intel graphics so they should run better on yours.

Edit: Damn you necro thread!!!!!!!!

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Get full Torchlight ;) Heh, jk. Here's my list of suggestions:

Revenge of the Titans: great little tower defense/RTS mashup. Difficult but a lot of fun and has a great graphics style. I hate tower defense games, but really liked this thing.

Original Half-Life games: They make HL2 more relevant, and HL1 and Opposing Force are utterly incredible. They no longer run on my machine due to a memory problem, but I played the hell out of them.

Minerva: Metastasis: An HL2 mod that's very well done. Difficult too. I had to play on easy my first time through, and I usually play HL2 on hard (until the last rebalance patch that gave everyone ep. 2 enhanced AI).

Far Cry: Made around the same time as HL2, looks good, and should run well. If it's running very well you can try out the FCAM mod. The current latest stable version is 1.86, and it enhances the graphics, fixes the horrible AI bug in the official patch, and generally is amazing. There's a non-graphics-improving Unofficial Patch as well that just fixes the bugs. Awesome game, holds up well today.

Prey: Another good older shooter. Character models are bad but the action is neat and the introduction is priceless.

The entire catalogue of Good Old Games.

Starcraft II: No explanation necessary. I don't own it, sadly, but I just played the demo and all my skepticism and "It's SC1 with new paint!" completely vanished. So...good...

If you liked Diablo 2 and Torchlight, try Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion (which works just like D2's LoD addon). It's an amazing-looking ARPG, but get the 1.17 community patch or else there are odd bugs. And get TQVault to store items!

For freeware...

Seiklus: Was doing artsy indie games before they were popular. Very low resolution, but utterly haunting.

Raging Skies: Old, very dreadful-looking, but so much fun.

Cave Story: No explanation needed.

Mini Golf Pro: Addicting

Desktop Dungeons: A roguelike in 10 minutes with a pile of cla55es and tactics. Easy to learn, impossible to master.

Jumper! series: Inspiration of Super Meat Boy


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I am going to pass on Titan Quest. Started playing after finishing Baldur's Gate. Nothing more to say.
Original Half Life - let's say I am an old school player. Remember the time when I was waiting for Quake to be released. I still remember the level names for original Half Life ;]
Far Cry - this is funny story, because Far Cry 2 runs better on my laptop than first one o_O

But there are some titles I have not heard of, I am going to check them, out. Thanks lads.

I have almost forgot.
Elder Scrolls Arena - it is freeware and if anyone is checking this topic for good games to run on slow PC, it's a must have.