getting new monitors, triple screen setup

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i am getting new monitors for my PC.. one isnt enough, i need others for productivity, and to see whats going on outside of what i am doing while playing a game and streaming, or just to have the space when im working in UE4

so, my options, one single, good monitor, maybe a 27" 1440P 144hz, with a couple small side monitors, just 16"s mounted sideways

or, three 24" 1080P borderless monitors, quite possibly curved mounted together to function as one single 48:9 screen for some games, while still having a really good 1080P 144hz screen front and center for those that dont need or support it

i have also considered a 2560x1080 ultrawide, with a couple small monitors on the end, but refresh rates on these are pretty low until you start getting into much higher prices, so im not sure they're really worth it

some thoughts.. im leaning towards one good screen for gaming and a couple small ones to extend productivity.. if i have the three 1080P screens, it'd be great for productivity, but if i actually gamed with all 3, i'd have nothing to monitor streams and chat with.. although the three monitors is an option i dont necessarily have to use.. 1440P@144hz is going to cost me as much as two of the 1080s alone, add in the 16" side monitors i'd use with that, and we're looking at the same price overall for either setup

so i guess it comes down to.. have the option of gaming across three 1080P screens, or just put everything into a single 1440 front and center

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My advice would be a 21:9 monitor.

If you want a monitor with a lot of real estate and a high refresh rate, there are 21:9 monitors that offer 3440x1440 resolution (so a lot of room to work on) and 100hz, with room to overclock to 120hz.

There are also 32:9 monitors, but the max I've seen those go is 1080 pixels vertically.

The main advantage here over multiple monitors would be that you won't have to suffer from bezels and the screen just takes up your view. No borders in between.

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At Home: I use 2 WQHD (27", 144Hz) monitors and 1 FHD (24", rotated 90 degrees)

I think FHD is just not high res enough for much productivity work. WQHD 27" is about as low res (and pixel density) as I would go. I have a 32" 4K monitor at work and it makes Visual Studio and SolidWorks a whole lot better.

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1440p 21:9s are even harder to drive at higher frame rates than standard 1440p, and there are many games that not even a 2080TI can push over 100fps, so for that type of screen, the refresh rate is moot. the problem i have with the ultra wides is youre stuck using it.. you cant decide to just use the center 16:9 portion for games that dont support it, and throwing everything into one 32:9 monitor sounds good, but then i cant exactly go fullscreen with a game and still have screen space to use for other things (like stream monitoring)

id rather use a gaming setup for productivity, than a productivity setup for gaming.. where if i was ONLY doing some kind of work, 1440P, sure.. heck, maybe even 4K.. but gaming is an important part of that, and an important part of the gaming is going to be refresh rate.. i want to get above 100hz consistently, and that means either staying with a 1080P main monitor, or going 1440P and reducing the settings in game

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What is your GPU?

Some monitors do come with software to split the screen into multiple sections. But I have no experience with gaming + productivity on one monitor devided into sections.

As for 21:9 monitors, you could say play on 1920x1080 on a 2560x1080 monitor with black bars on the side.

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i have an RX590.. it can run many games on a 1440P but youre looking at 60-80fps which would make 1440p a bit pointless.. if i got a 1440P monitor now id reduce in game settings, and it'd be something i planned to keep and better utilize with a better GPU later

but either way, i still plan to get 3 monitors in total, regardless of the configuration, so even if i spent money on an ultrawide, i'd still need to buy a couple more monitors to go with it so it seems like just going with three 16:9s would be the most cost effective, and be the most flexible solution over an ultrawide

basically the two sides of it are this.. three monitors, all 1080p of matched size and resolution for occasional 3 monitor gaming, more often single-monitor gaming using the other two to monitor a live stream and chat at the same time, or a 1440p with a couple cheaper side monitors which would never get used for gaming

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Yeah if you do pick three monitors, make sure they are the same size and just basically the exact same monitor, it will be the best to work on.

Monitors with very small bezels would also be recommended.

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if im going to go with 1080P monitors across the board, sure.. i simply cant afford to match 1440Ps and have three of them.. i would get 16" monitors that when layed sideways would have an almost identical screen height and resolution to act as half monitors on both ends

so its three identical 1080P 144hz monitors, or one 1440P and a couple small vertical ones

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im also not sure if i'd go with curved or flat.. having three thin bezel 1800R screens mounted with the radius of all three coaxial to one another would look really nice.. if i go flat the side monitors would be turned in at an even sharper angle so that from my 2.5 foot distance from the main screen, my line of sight would be perpendicular to the side screens too when i turn my head

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i mean, do people actually use 3 monitors to game, and which games do they play like this?.. im wondering if its really all that viable or useful

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alright, so im going with triple 1080 144hz monitors.. im looking at mounting options.. because my desk is the type that has the steel frame around it (sturdy AF), this means i dont really have a lip to clamp to, and i dont feel comfortable clamping to the steel frame with the tiny lip i do have preventing the mount from being pushed up against the edge of the desk for better support.. so, probably a through/grommet mount or something else

i noticed most the triple monitor stands i was looking at have a center piece that bolts to a pipe or tube.. does anybody know the diameter of the tube something like the mount-it or the AVLT monitors, such as the one in the link below, is?.. if i knew the diameter of that tube, i think i could rig up a flange mounting system i could screw into the top of my desk (its fiberboard, not MDF so screws will hold).. i could then drill a hole in the back of the pipe near where the monitors set to feed cables through, then drop them straight through under my desk