Getting back into adventure-puzzle games (like Myst)

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I'm not too old (still in my 20s) but I do have some good memories around the late 90s early 2000s of playing adventure games with my siblings, like the Neverhood, Knights Chase, King's Quest. Later on I was also exposed to Myst and Riven, two games which I have recently played through and did enjoy for the most part. More recently, back in 2014, I played and thoroughly enjoyed the Talos Principle. In fact I was blown away by it.

These games give you a certain kind of ponderous, slow, thoughtful experience which is typically absent from 3D action games in particular. I don't think that's a good thing and I have recently reminded myself the importance of taking on challenges like crosswords and puzzles, because these problem-solving experiences are not only very valuable for life in general, but they are also very satisfying.

Has anyone else been thinking along these lines?

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I always liked those kinds of games. Whilst my opinions on Myst may be unpopular (I didn't like it), games like The Last Express, Tomb Raider 2 and Return of Obra Dinn were amazing. I do have a preference when those types of games have a less "static" feeling in its world and where mistakes can be made.

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I have always loved adventure games. There are still plenty of options on PC, both big budget and small.

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@kdawg88: I agree with your sentiment.

I enjoy action and arcade games but I am also mindful of my mental state and not to allow myself to become agitated or stressed and specifically play slow paced games to relax sometimes.

These games include Euro Truck Simulator, Mini Metro or, recently, 16-bit golf. Also, I found a beta of a Scrabble game on Mega Drive I have played quit alot,

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@kdawg88: Check out SOMA if you haven't. Also Observer

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Oh dude, these games are the best.

I recommend Zork Grand Inquisitor for a British comedy take on the genre.

I also recommend Obduction - a new game from the creators of Myst that I bet very few people bought :-(

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Try out Danganronpa or, the Zero Escape series.

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Midway through Obduction. Got up to that bit with the rotating maze. Kinda gave up on it for now (have had a tonne of work in the past few months).

Thanks everyone else for the suggestions.

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God I miss good puzzle games loved the era of myst and the good broken sword point and click adventures.