Geometry Wars 2.... PC release?

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I jumped all over Geometry Wars when it was first released for PC. In my opinion using a mouse to control your fire felt much better compared to analog sticks. However I mostly stuck with t he 360 version, because the PC version didn't have any kind of leaderboards. I just wonder, any chance GeoWars2 will get released to PC? Would anybody buy it?
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hm release date is 6 august for xbox360...

it would be nice if it will be not only an exclusive title and also available for pc.

the trailer looks nice

in the meantime you can check out my blog :)

no geometry wars 2 but all the best arena shooters for free...

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No. The mouse is better than the analogue stick for this kind of game, but the Wiimote is way, way, way better than the mouse for this kind of game.

Unless it comes with a level editor, it has absolutely nothing to offer anyone who owns Geometry Wars Galaxies.