geforce gtx 460 or radeon hd 6850?

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#1 Posted by Sandmand12 (49 posts) -

I just want to uprage my video card:
I have:
-Intel core 2 quad q6600 2.40 GHZ

-4GB RAM and 1156 LGA

-450 watt power supply

so what you guys thinks,geforce gtx 460 or hd 6850?

and what to do before upraging my VGA?

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#2 Posted by caseystryker (5421 posts) -

If I had to choose, I'd go with the 6850.

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#3 Posted by Sandmand12 (49 posts) -

@caseystryker: can i play Battlefield 3 with high settings on Hd 6850?

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#4 Edited by 04dcarraher (22916 posts) -

Forget the 6850, AMD newer drivers dont do anything really for pre-7000 series. Grab the GTX 460 if its the 1gb, 336 core version. The 6850 and GTX 460 are equal performance wise. But really I would grab a more modern gpu series like the GTX 750 or AMD's R7 260x. Also I would do the tape mod on the cpu to bring that Q6600 to 3ghz. Depending on your resolution a GTX 460 will allow mostly high settings.

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#5 Posted by thehig1 (6430 posts) -

There's not much price difference between the 6850 and the 7850 online, there both available for just over £100 about £130 ish.

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#6 Posted by PredatorRules (12075 posts) - I'd go with 6850, but really nothing less than 750Ti or 265