Gears of War Saved Games?

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#1 Posted by ncderek (5513 posts) -

when i log in my profile, I lost my saved games some how. where should they be saved and why did they dissapear?

also, any news on a patch??

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#2 Posted by dayaccus007 (4349 posts) -
It seems you have to make some online account to use the save, at least that is whay I heard. I don't even boder, the game sucks anyway
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#3 Posted by ncderek (5513 posts) -
is there a way to get them back? or a cheat to unlock all levels?
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#4 Posted by NosmoKing1984 (115 posts) -

Same happened to me, I was able to save and load my game a bunch of times and then one day it was gone and I had to start again. Which didn't bother me too much since I was really enjoying the game, I don't know how far I was through the game though. I've not heard anything on why this happened or whether they are working on a patch or anything really.

Have fun

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#5 Posted by 9mmSpliff (21751 posts) -
you have to make a Windows LIVE account to save games.
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#6 Posted by alijib (178 posts) -

Same is happened with me too!

Now i am getting frustrated :(

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#7 Posted by GenTom (5945 posts) -
Same! My bro and i started playin co-op, bout 3 hours thru, gave it a break, came back and it all my saves were gone as if i'd never progressed at all. and yes i DO have windows live account and normally it saves just fine, started again and it was saving okay but a pain in the ass nonetheless
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#8 Posted by intrepid888 (25 posts) -

I cant even get ON Live. I have an account, but I cannot logged in. I even plugged my NIC into the cablemodem and removed all firewalls (dangerous, I know) and I still couldnt log in. Now my saved games are gone. And yes, I have the GearsTU.exe patch installed

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: XLive
Event Category: None
Event ID: 2
Date: 1/18/2008
Time: 5:37:22 PM
User: N/A
Computer: MAIN
Title wargame-g4wlive.exe (1.0.3339.131) XLive 1.2.0241.0 C:WINDOWSsystem32xlive.dll

XLive Logon Failed

LogonHR == 0x8015190e
Games for Windows LIVE DLL

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This MS Live stuff is bull****

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#9 Posted by badiding (25 posts) -

Im also having problems like that...

Its also frustrating...

I hope Epic will do something to correct this...

Because its like I Start a New CAMPAIGN FoR ABOUT 20+ Times


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#10 Posted by thebeast_im2004 (25 posts) -
same here i used 1.1 patch but problem still what the hell any solution?
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#11 Posted by mfenix130 (25 posts) -
i also got the same problem.was at act 4 where u get 5 minutes to get to fenix estate.quit the game and the next time i came all my progress was gone and now i'll have to start annoying.
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#12 Posted by hedrums (25 posts) -

I pursued this bug on the Epic forums for weeks (months, actually). I eventually got a private message from one of the moderators saying they hadn't been able to reproduce the bug in-house, it probably only happens to a few people, and they aren't even trying to fix it.

It's the single worst experience I've ever had with a game: deletion of user data and no attempt by the developers to track it down and fix it. Disgusting.

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#13 Posted by Sooperhotshiz (101 posts) -
Wow, I was going to buy this game. Now I wont.
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#14 Posted by TheFragcat (2466 posts) -
the game does stink, don't buy it because you'll just be buying a game that's full of bugs, there's even a 16 page thread of everyone informing you about what problems they're have with GOW on the epic forums, when i played it after the first mission it kept crashing...& windows live? haha those two words are hilarious, stay well away.
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#15 Posted by karandeepchopra (25 posts) -

i was on ACT 4 when the game gave an error of some C++ redistibutional and it crashed ana when i restarted the game all my save games were deleted???

is there something wrong with the game??

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#16 Posted by karandeepchopra (25 posts) -

do you know how to sole this problem, as it does not happen again, as it has been with me 2 times now

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#17 Posted by pcgamer_07 (1164 posts) -

Here is the solution to resume from where you last played. This bug has been there right from the start when Gears of War launched. Its affected a lot of people but they've done nothing to address the problem.

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#18 Posted by saeedullah (25 posts) -


I found out a way to copy saved games but you need to have the same account and the same computer

The main use is to have backups of the last checkpoint you get on the game

It works sometime, so its not garentied

and also you need vista

So it goes:

1) Copy this in the address bar at the top of the window and copy this to "C:\Users\(User acount)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\XLive"

Note (user acount) is the same as where your"my folder is"

For example My acount name is Saeed so i will copy it like this "C:\Users\Saeed\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\XLive"

2) Copy the folder "Content" and make a shorcut on the "Desktop"

3) Copy any files IN IT as an backup

So like when you finish playing the game (have a break) then close the application "gears of war" game and make the back up

so if you cant get to you last check point you can copy the backup of your previous/history saved game to the "Content" folder in step (2)

and continue from there.

Peace Man

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#19 Posted by ralph2190 (705 posts) -
Yeah just backup your saves whenever you exit the game like the previous post said. Also make sure your game and GFW live are patched to the latest version.
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#20 Posted by naten666 (25 posts) -
Last time this happened to me I did a system restore to last time I played that it worked. That worked for me. This game is good but brutal programming. I have spent more time troubleshooting last games and getting updates to work properly than playing. I can't believe they haven't fix this problem yet.
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#21 Posted by anpota (25 posts) -
guys i need help: gears of war not wanna read the windows live and im can`t saved my progress what i can do thanx