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if its possible im looking for a 3d 50 inch for gaming with low input lag. My price is around 800. i havent had time to do any research because my tv just went out (yesterday). If there is a tv with better pq that doesnt have 3d i will settle for that. thanks for the help
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If you're using it solely for gaming(not everyday tv viewing) I'd recommend getting an Optoma GT750 projector instead of a tv. I bought mine about a year ago for 600 with one pair of 3d glasses included. The PQ might not be up to your standard(it's only 1080i) but I have it in my living room for when friends call over and the only way I could get a bigger screen is if I buy a bigger house. Bulb life is limited at about 4000 hours so that's something to be aware of but when my buddies call over to watch a movie or play some FIFA it gets nothing but compliments. Your budget is quite good though so you might find a fantastic tv for the price.

EDIT: forgot to mention there is no input lag so that might be an incentive.

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Panasonic UT50 50" OR the Samsung PNE450 51" might be your best bet.