Gaming from External Hard-Drive?

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I purchased an MSI lap-top a few months ago. Pretty great overall, but little did I know it only have about 260 GB on the C Drive. The games I play are pretty big - Anthem, Andromeda, DA, ME, etc.

Just ran out of space and cannot play or update any of these now.

I’d rather not go through the hassle of an internal drive (I have no smarts regarding computer tech at all), so what’s the best external for games such as those?

Do any of you use any external hard-drives to play large games? Do they work? What do you use?

Not picky on whether it’s portable or not, but please, I gotta be able to play these one way or another without buying another lap-top or opening up the one I already have.


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If you have a USB 3.0 port on that puppy then you are in luck. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of 640 Mbps, which is more than good enough to run any game from. So get yourself a good external hard drive and load up the games!

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If you have 2 free USB 3 slots, or even if you have a USB 3 hub to expand it, and you're just going use regular mechanical drives... i'd get two 1 terabyte drives, setup the drives as dynamic, and to RAID 0 strip in your disk management in windows and create a decent RAID array. Doesn't require a RAID card, any windows 7, 8 or 10 PC can do it.

Your total space would then be 2TB, the two drives would be working together. You wouldn't have SSD performance from that but nicer speeds and almost double the read/write speeds at times compared to just using 1 mechanical drive.

Downside is you would have a risk of losing all data if one drive died of course since data is split between the two drives, this is where you want to have a third drive to backup the games to every so often to avoid having to redownload them in the case of 1 of the RAID drives dying.

This is one I setup on my pc which i use for video capturing and any game spill over I can't fit on my SSD drives, it was using eSATA though so its faster and more steady then USB 3. The left is a single 1TB 5400rpm drive, the right is two 1 terabyte 5400 rpm drives in RAID 0x2 strip mode.

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Another thing i'll just add, you can ignore the RAID idea completely if you spent a bit more money and bought a 1 or 2 TB SSD drive and a USB 3 enclosure for it. 1 TB ssds can be pretty cheap these days if you look around.

And also just using a single SSD drive with an enclosure you could most likely completely power it using a USB port, making it really easy to move around with your laptop unlike using two mechanical drives which would be a big pain to move around.

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Yeah, they're pretty decent.