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I was wondering, How are games for windows live keys assigned, I currently have games such as Gears of War, Dead Rising, Resident Evil 5 etc which i'm 95% certain the CD keys are strictly assigned to my XboxLive Account meaning I could only play the game if i'm logged in with my XBL account But i've also got a game which is assigned to my steam account; Dawn of War 2. Does that mean I can play dawn of war 2 with another steam account while signed in with my XBL on the ingame client? This is really confusing with all these online passports and ids, Missed the days when you just install and play a game without having to worry about all these clients.
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You can't launch your games from other Steam accounts, having it on Steam means double DRM is required, running Steam from your account that has DoW 2 registered and playing the game through LIVE.

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That sucks, those who actually buy their games have to put up with all these drm. It's not like these double drms actually prevent people from pirating.