Fps drops when collecting items.

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This happens in a range of games. I didn't really care because for most games it's only here or there but since I've been playing crackdown 3, it's become pretty annoying. My fps drops from 60 to 15 then back to 60. It's the same on all graphic settings. I've cleaned and updated everything. On crackdown there's a gui for how the game is running and when I collect stuff one of the squares in CPU and total go red. I don't know what it means though.


6gb 1060 (max 70'c)

Ryzen 1400 (max heat 82'c)

16gb ddr4 ram.

Samsung Evo 960 m.2

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First thing to try, disable your soundcard in device manager and see if it still does it.

Maybe update your AMD drivers also for your motherboard chipset from the AMD site. And make sure your ram is set to its XMP profile in your BIOS so its running at its peak speeds.

And also, disable antivirus while playing, it can cause slow downs like this when you are accessing files in a game when it attemps to scan a file. I've had Malwarebytes cause a lot of stutters in some games before, i always close the entire program when running games. Even Windows Defender/Security Essentials could do this also. Best to exclude your game directory from real time scanning.

Maybe enable/disable windows 10 game mode, assuming you are using windows 10. Sometimes even having it enabled i've heard can cause problems.

I don't have fps drops much like you are here from item looting... sometimes in online games but only a small handful. I never seen any single player games that had frame drops from looting items.

last thing i noticed, your temps are extremely high on your cpu, that could be causing a lot of cpu throttling. I have a 1700x ryzen i use for video compression, and its temps never hit over 67c at 100% load on all 8 cores. Assuming you are reading the right temps, 80c is at the point where AMD cpus would start to behave poorly, unlike Intel where its thermal throttling is 95-100c.

You may want to install MSI afterburner, and use the overlay that Rivatuner has with it to monitor your mhz on your cpu. Or play in windowed mode and have windows 10 task manager open and look at the mhzs on your cpu from that. Or another way to look at mhz speed is to install CPUID and look at the mhz number to see if its dropping when your temps are getting high.

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@Yams1980: It did everything you asked, but still FPS drops. I removed my 2nd HDD and it fixed it. I still get high temps during the day (its 40'c during the day, my ps4 last 4 hours before it switches itself off) but at night it doesn't go over 64'c. It's on idle now midday and its 54'c doing nothing.